Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ginger's exhibtion part 1

Friday 30th March

Well the day started smoothly enough, woke up just after 8, breakfast was bagels, fruit and cereal, i toasted mine and had it with butter, was a good start to the day :)
After i'd finished writing up yesterday's account and locked my laptop away, i got a cab to the Mugar Memorial Library, home to the Howard Gotlieb Archive Research Centre and also the location of the exhibition on Ginger!!!

The cab dropped right by the library and then i saw this most welcome sight!!! What a great view for the start of a wonderful day!!!

I found the exhbition very easily, as you enter the main entrance (up the steps takes you directly to the first floor) the Frost Room is first on your left :D

I followed Huey's Law and indeed Documented!!!! For most of the day i had the exhibition to myself apart from it being a starting point for Library tours, so i turned the flash off on my camera and snapped away to heart's delight ;)
I took two breaks during the day one for lunch where i had Italian Wedding Soup as it said it was great for celebrations ;) and then after that i popped upstairs to the 5th floor to the Howard Gotlieb Archive Center just to say thankyou to them for putting on such a wonderful exhibition. The guy who was responsible for the exhibition being hosted in Boston, gave me about an hour of his time to talk about Ginger and also about Fred and Adele, he was pretty amazed that i'd come all the way from England just to see the exhibition but fortunately he saw the draw ;) He told me there is currently no end date for the exhibition and they are open all year not just during the university semester so there is still time for others to make it to Boston ;) i'm already hoping to come back in June once i've finished placement.
As i'm sure ya'll can imagine i was very grateful to him for giving his time, it is possible to view the archive's first hand (with gloves on) i could quite easily live in the archives hehe

Photo's coming on next post ;)

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  1. ...Great! REALLY nice to hear it will most likely be open for the rest of the year...I'm REALLY wanting to check it out... my wife has folks outside of BAltimore, and that can be our 'base' for a few days, while we drive on up to Boston... I would like to check out all the other stuff in Beantown as well...would LUV to go to a Red Sox game... maybe that will work out...hey, Independence did!!!

    Also great to hear there's a 'resident Gingerologist' on hand to yak with!

    Hope ya are having fun - looks like that's the case! And also hope that your foot is cooperating!