Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Well i was procrastinating, ya'll know thats what students do best ;) and found a few more "new" (to me) photos of Ginger and Fred 

I love their expression's in this shot, all i could think was how cute!!

Ok so this one's a photo card but a couple of the shots on the side i hadn't been before, whoever owns this is one lucky person!! I have a couple at home for 'The Major and the Minor' but not in colour

Now i think this was taken at the 1967 Oscar's i saw a video clip on youtube once and it looks about right! If i'm wrong please someone let me know!!

I'm pretty much all set for Boston, except am on crutches with a suspected stress fracture in foot :/ I couldn't have picked a worse time for this to happen if i'd tried i don't think! But i'm determined its not gonna stop me, i'll just have to take more taxi's or get a scooter or something!


  1. dang dang dang...hope ya get better! just wrap that baby up REAL tight and soldier on!

    Anything 'Ginger circa 1967' is GOLD to me, since that's my birth year... I believe she was doing 'Hello Dolly' in that stretch, so, that one is my fave..and it WAS her biggest stage hit as well...

    Well, not sure if you are 'caught up' on the MM poll thing...saw your comment over there... well, I put the link to the poll on G-ology this weekend, and all heck broke loose... Ginger was behind 20 points to Irene Dunne, who is cool, but - unacceptable, of course... so after the link was up, Ginger got GOBS of votes and ended up winning by 50 or so... there were wails of 'Ginger fans cheated!'...and one of the 'rogue' Irene fans (when's the last time you heard THAT?) came over to G-ology and threw a bunch of vile comments in... so NOW, I have to 'moderate and approve' any future comments... GF11 (Ginger's Corner) did this as well...and honestly, YOU might want to think about it, too, cause whoever that was ('anonymous', of course) may be jumping from site to site... but I guess it just shows there are quite a few G-ologists out there...enough to make a difference!

    ok, well...hope all is well in your studies... but see what happens when you are gone for a week or so? :-]

    Have fun in Beantown, Kat...and remember, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!!!


  2. I saw that annoymous person, i have no time for people who have to hide and not show who they're posting as, they could be against everyone you love regardless of who it actually is.. I see others said that Irene votes were going the same way at other points, but that's a good point about approving comments, its all very well if you don't love Ginger as much as we all do but please stay away hehe

    Alls fair in love and war but we don't need a revolution every time!!

    Studies are catching up thats whats been keeping me away, now i know i need to balance more haha ;)

    I've got my new camera all safe, and i will hopefully be posting my trip report live daily (providing internet connection permits)

    I decided to go to NYC for the weekend, so will go up to Woodlawn Cemetary in the Bronx and pay respects to Vernon and Irene Castle and Irving Berlin :) Fortunately the subway station is right accross the street from the cemetary

    Here's to a real Gingery trip!!!