Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ginger's exhibition part 2

I have all these photos taken as individual shots, holler if you'd like em!!
How nice is that!!

Baby shoe of Miss Virginia McMath

it really hasn't changed much ;)

Ginger's Grandparents hour at 3306 Belle Fontaine Avenue, sadly we already know the house is no longer there :(

Ginger catching up with an old friend and her friend's baby :)

Ginger with her mom Lela and daddy John

Miss McMath's baby bonnet

Ginger with two vaudeville friends, 1926

With Joe E Brown

With Dick Powell

Promotional Leaflet promoting Ginger ;)

Slip stating that the Best Actress Oscar for 1940 was Ginger Rogers in Kitty Foyle, and the envelope

 It was after this that my camera battery died which timed coincidently with them coming to lock up the exhibition, going back on Monday to see the rest!!!


  1. My camera died there too! It must be something about the room lol. The exhibition is awesome though :) So glad you made it.

  2. GreatgreatGreat... really too much to take in at once... but incredible stuff there! Well, Maybe I'll take a few cameras, just in case! :-)

    The actual items like her baby clothes, and the star plaque are insane!

    Thanks for all the great pics - looking forward to another Gingery report, Kat!!!


  3. That's a great collection of pictures, Kat. I'm craving more. By any chance did they film the presentation that included Angela Lansbury? Boy I'd love to see that, and I was wondering if it might be available for sale.

    One magazine cover had the title, "Win a Telephone Call from Ginger Rogers." That makes me wonder what I would have said to her if I won. Certainly I'd ask her where she got such a dedicated cabana boy. LOL!

    Looks like we are having rain off and on all day Saturday and Sunday and I expect you are experiencing the same. Too bad!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next installment!

  4. When i go back tomorrow i'll document the rest of the exhibition, in 5 hours i saw half of it hehe, i'll also be taking my camera charger just in case!!

    Lady F, i will ask whether they filmed it, you'd think for historical prosperity they would have done

    NYC managed to skip the rain which was good for me, more later!!

  5. Wow! Loved all the pictures. I especially loved the little note from Fred <3 thanks for sharing! :D


  6. Hey Anna,

    glad ya liked them and i agree the note from Fred is sooo sweet hehe, more photos to come later!