Wednesday, 12 February 2014

a few photos, little explanation

As everything is a little blue here, having lots of problems with school at the moment hence not updating the blog plus I finally have a job so sadly not had so much time to watch Ginger or Fred :( A few photos though that i found earlier on google to cheer a way through the stormy weather :)
Hope everyone is keeping well :)

Fred and Fred Jr

Fred and Paul Draper on RMS Queen Mary June 1939

The Gay Divorcee 1934

Fred and Harpo Marx 1944

Fred and Adele Astaire

Fred on a Piano, Lucille Ball and others

Fred and Family

i absolutely adore these rehearsal shots!

Fred with Fred Jr


Lets Face the Music and Dance, Follow the Fleet 1936

The Yam, Carefree 1938
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off, Shall We Dance 1937


If I Had One Wish To Make...

Was very sad to hear that Shirley Temple Black passed away on Tuesday 10th Feb, even I grew up watching her movies, long before I saw the majority of Fred and Ginger's movies and realised the historical importance I spent much time watching Shirley in 'Stowaway' where she did the imitation of Ginger, with the Fred Astaire doll. I know when I originally watched the 4 (to my knowledge at least) widely available on VHS in the UK I was around the same age as Shirley was when these movies were made, incidently the first Shirley Temple movie I saw was Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm, which has Randolph Scott in it, i loved him so much in that movie!!! i'm sure most people have heard my opinion of him in Roberta and Follow the Fleet ;) I also enjoyed Shirley's performance in 'I'll Be Seeing You' I didn't choose the movie because she was in it but when I saw she was in it I was interested to see her performance in a non musical picture, so many child stars aren't seen past puberty afterall :( Found a few photos including one that I hadn't seen before of Fred with Shirley and Rita Hayworth :)
I'll Be Seeing You

Shirley with Fred and Rita
I noticed that the Shirley Temple movies were another collection that didn't escape being colorised, that said I rather like them in colour, whoever did them did a really good job

two links for one of my favourite songs from Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm, one in original b&w and the other in colour