Friday, 29 June 2012

Greetings from Boston

Just in Boston until Saturday, before move on to Washington DC :) 
The Ginger exhibition is happily still there and according to the guy i spoke to today is likely to be there until the end of August, but that sounds like it'll be it :(
It was very nice to step back inside, i've mainly been watching the video taken on the set of Vernon and Irene Cast;e i found out however that you have to be working on a research project to get access to the Archive collections, but as they say where there's a will, there's a way and uni can expect an article on Adele Astaire in the near future, maybe it'll get me nearer to my career dreams :)

Hope everyone isn't suffering too much in the heat!! It appears to be just as warm at home as it is here, just my luck!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nice to Be Remembered

Sorry for not posting in a while, trying to get my dissertation sorted and waiting to hear about a couple of weeks work that i have coming up in July, as well as spending time with my daughter, fitting in travel, packing up my flat in Leicester to move back home, going to see Top Hat (yes again!!) and getting ready to go away again on Tuesday :)

I've been doing some shopping on eBay and have scanned in the covers as they are clearly too nice not to share ;)

Picture Show and Film Pictorial Vol. 49 No. 1273 October 6th 1945

The first of Ginger's Life Covers, what i didn't realise until it arrived in the post was how big Life Magazine was! Hence why Life is cut off at the top, not to mention Ginger's name at the side :/

I was informed last night that the Cast Recording for Top Hat on Stage is being recorded at the end of the month and will be available for sale in a couple of months, looking forward to it especially the songs that were taken from other shows, the best of the bunch is definitely 'Outside of That I Love You' performed by 'Horace and Madge' much looking forward to that :) The Stage show definitely gets better, i really enjoyed it last night, although that i got asked by 3 of the orchestra how i was might have helped a little hehe!