Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy New Year (read in Swedish Accent)

Happy 2013, hope everyone had a decent holiday period!! I know i did, the 10 days in Switzerland flew by amazingly fast (not that it felt like that all the time lol) and i'm going to Paris with Ian on friday so even more to look forward to :-)

Assignment time is on me again (the last run now!!) so just a few favourite photos from some movies that people might just be familiar with ;)

Never realised how many of my favourite shots are actually publicity photos!
I'm going to the Victoria and Albert Museum next Tuesday afternoon to see the Hollywood Costumes exhibition, i was hoping to go tomorrow but it inconsiderately sold out before i could book, after i'd booked my train ticket of course! I'm going to see Cabaret afterwards so will hopefully be a good day, sadly the exhibition is strictly no photos but i presume as its a travelling exhibition (and apparently well known) that they do a catalogue or similar, hopefully they have something i want a lasting reminder!!