Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I was looking through photos on google trying to find a photo of Fred dancing in Paris (as ya do) when i found this instead!!

All too rarely do i find new pictures of Ginger and Fred that i haven't seen before, please say if you've seen it before :)


  1. ...good one! er, I guess I should know this, but which film is this from? I am guessing 'Top Hat', from the dancers in the back and the floor design...seems to be in that movie...

    Hope all is well for ya! And hope your upcoming trip to Beantown results in major amounts of Gingery Goodness!!!


  2. I also believe it to be from 'Top Hat' i think the Piccolino specifically, from what i can see of the bodice of Ginger's dress not to mention the floor as ya say! the page i found it on didn't say

    9 days and counting till Boston!!