Wednesday, 28 March 2012

If we're G-ologists (are we related to Mimi?!)

A little more procrastination never hurt and its nice to look for others

I typed Ginger Rogers circa 1967 into google, ok so most of the photos weren't but this was pretty cool (if i may say so!)

I also found this not from 1967 hehe but a good shot of Ginger in Top Hat in that fabulous feather dress


  1. great stuff. Kat... I know one of her paintings was dated's in her book - I think it's called 'moon on the Hudson'...if I could ever get a print or (duh) the ORIGINAL, that would just be my prized possession...I'm gonna ask Roberta where Ginger's paintings ended up.... :-]

    ...I think we are at least adopted members of the McMath-Rogers clan... well, of course, I am perpetual cabana boy (PCB) anyway, so...I'm fine with that!

    Looking forward to your reports... we are kicking around going to DC this summer...if only the exhibit could hang on until then, heck, I'd drive the rest of the's only 200 miles from Baltimore to NYC... and probably less than that to Beantown...

    Be safe!!! Have fun!!! and DOCUMENT is the mantra!


  2. Hiya Kat. I was wondering if you were still active and checked out your YouTube page, linked to here and OMG YOU'RE GOING TO BOSTON!! Awesome! What's this about the exhibit not going to NYC? :( Anyway have a great trip. I love your reporting and will try to remember to check in. That poster of the '67 Oscars is a killer. If you ever discover the whole clip, please let me know as I have seen before their dance and after but not the little impromptu bit itself. I think I covet that even more than Hat Check Girl.

  3. Hey,
    yea it was mentioned on Ginger's board on that they hadn't managed to raise the funding for NYC :( And yea posting right now from Boston!! Just about to go and check out the exhibition, still a little jetlagged :(
    You'd think if before and after exists the middle part (and the best part hehe) must exist also, hopefully it'll emerge, i know i'd also love to see it!