Sunday, 4 March 2012

Boston Bound

The crazy madness of school is clearly getting to me so i'm taking it to the next level and gonna go check out the exhibition on Miss Ginger Rogers in Boston at the end of March!!!! After the disappointment that it's not going to make it to New York (or anywhere else by the looks of it) i decided this was another take now opportunity that i may not get again.
Booked my plane ticket this afternoon, was conveniently visiting a travel show (free tickets non the less!) where they were offering money off flights if you booked with them at the show, so i got them to match the prices i found the other day and then still got money off, i have to say for a 4 day trip just before Easter it could have hurt my wallet a lot more than it did!



    ...I'm really happy for you! ...No, REALLY!!!


    ........ok ok ok.... (ahem)... Hey, that's GREAT, Kat! Glad you are able to make it to the exhibit ...ARGGGGH!.... ...wish I could make it there... it's not that I couldn't...heck, I could DRIVE up there... ...AAARRRGHHH!!!

    In all seriousness, they most likely won't allow pics, but if by chance they do, you know the drill...document EVERYTHANG, lady!!!

    And hope your studies are drawing to a fabulous conclusion!



  2. In typical fashion the flight price i booked yesterday had increased fairly dramatically, so going to the travel show was clearly a small blessing!
    Plus my ESTA had not expired like i feared (needed instead of a visa to even potentially get into the US)
    To further demonstrate potential loss of senses I have an assignment due in the morning of the day i fly but its the best incentive to get it done and in on time!!
    Very excited about this, originally had hoped to visit in June but then when someone asked over on about whether they would repeat the show in NYC etc and then very kindly enquired how long the exhibition would be on in Boston i kinda realised it was now or never and i hate saying never is the only option so 4 days in the US just to visit the exhibtion it is!!

    From what they said the main exhibition will be up until the end of the semester at the start of May, but conflicting information meant that i may as well go while i actually had a little free time, although for sure i'll be taking work with me!