Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Three Cheers for Gingerologists!!!

After the horror of losing so many Ginger movies at once, thankyou so much for all of you who have come to my rescue particuarly Huey who has most kindly put the missing movies onto memory stick or such and mailed them, one piece of mail to definitely look forward to!! Thanks also to Erosenplatt for explaining and being patient with explaining when i accidently downloaded some random programme instead of the movie it should have been (don't ask there were 4 different download options!)

Now I know why it's best to save movies to different places, as a good example my 'Fred and Ginger' movies are completely separate to both my Ginger movies and my Fred movies, mainly because at the end of the day they are the most precious even with at least 3 copies of each movie on dvd ;)

Super excited at the moment because Vacation time is looming :D It feels a long time since the last time I was away (a trip to my grandma's at the weekend doesn't count right?!) and much longer at any rate since I was in the US, think I need to sort with Ian exactly what we're gonna be doing in NYC, we have some common interests but i'm not sure he wants to visit any cemetarys - I always make a point to visit Woodlawn Cemetary in the Bronx, amongst others laid to rest, Vernon and Irene Castle, Irving Berlin, WIlliam Haines and Jimmy Shields are interred there, plus certain Ginger and Fred related locations, whilst Ian wants to cross Brooklyn Bridge and visit Rockaway Beach (sp? weather pending) Not to mention Anneliese who's main interests for New York are American Girl and the Carousel by the Chelsea Piers :-)
Washington DC is much easier as we have 3 (almost 4) full days there as opposed to 2 full days and 2 half days in NYC, I am planning to try and hold off shopping in NYC except for anything Jerry Ohlingers Movie store might be able to tempt me with though ;-)

I'd try and feel bad for anyone who's back at school while we go on vacation, although you broke up way earlier, Anneliese goes back to school 2 days after we come home and she didn't break up till the end of July :-)

Hope all is fine and dandy for everyone back at school or not

As ever