Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Absolutely Gutted

Went on my external harddrive tonight as wanted to transfer some of Ginger's movies on to memory stick to discover the entire file had been wiped :( no idea how, all the other movies i have are intact including Gene Kelly's movies and not in a million years would i wipe Ginger's before his (or anyone elses)

Asking a big favour from fellow Ginger fans i have some of Ginger's movies backed up in other places but not all (although there should be a memory stick with them on in my house somewhere its just finding it) and am now asking if people could help me out with the movies I now have missing, would be very grateful if anyone could, really am devastated to find this (second harddrive thats wiped on me this year :( )

The Movies I am now missing are

A Night In A Dormitory
Young Man of Manhattan
Queen High
Honor Among Lovers
The Tip-Off
The Tenderfoot
You Said A Mouthful
Professional Sweetheart
Romance in Manhattan
Star of Midnight
In Person
Tom, Dick and Harry
Tales of Manhattan
Lady In The Dark
Weekend At The Waldorf
Storm Warning
Forever Female
The First Travelling Saleslady
Teenage Rebel
Oh Men, Oh Women
Quick Lets Get Married

I've got a lot of if only's going through my head right now, if anything good comes out of this it'll be a much tidier house as i'm doing everything i can right now to find any memory sticks that might have some of the missing movies on

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Miss Ginger Rogers!!

Following on with the theme of choosing 'a few' favourite photos of Ginger, boy that was difficult!!
Happy 102 Birthday to our beautiful lady, hard to believe only 2 years ago was in Independence for Ginger's Centenary, by the clock it was only half 8! Was a real privilige to meet Huey (and the gang!) Incidently i'm always up for meeting other fans of Ginger (erosenplatt will tell ya that!) so if anyone else is NYC or Washington DC based I (and 'baby' although at 6 she sure isn't a baby no more! oh and Ian lol) are in NYC 26th-29th Aug and DC 29th Aug-2nd Sept :-)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Late 4th July Greeting plus 'The Castle's are Coming'...

I seem to be running late for everything at the moment, but hope everyone in the US enjoyed the 4th July! I did watch 'Lets Say It With Fire Crackers' from Holiday Inn more times than most people may watch it in a year but it is one of Fred's best solo numbers out of the Astaire-Rogers movies, the whole number is actually pretty good including Bing singing, the 'video' in the background really puts into perspective that 'WW2 ' started for the US during the filming of the movie and they slotted it in quite nicely ( and On a completely seperate note Holiday Inn was in my own opinion the only movie that looked as good colourised as it did in b&w, although had i not watched the documentary on how the colourisation was done and the research put into it I probably wouldn't be so keen!

I don't know if anyone is in the NYC area but this came up on my facebook page the other day

It sounds interesting but i had a rant into the empty room (as one does) about how Irene Castle was never fair to Ginger right from the offset :( On the otherhand i'd still like to see it, although the synopsis makes no mention of how RKO got Irene 'out of their hair...
Also to be completely honest if it wasn't for RKO, Fred and Ginger i doubt very much i'd even know who Vernon and Irene Castle were!

The 'Real' Vernon and Irene Castle
 I will say that whenever i'm in NYC i make a point of paying my respects to Vernon and Irene at Woodlawn Cemetary in the Bronx (on a side note Irving Berlin is also interred there) and on my first visit met a guy who remembered Irene visiting Vernon's grave reguarly before her death :)

Apologies for the gaps between posting, life seems to be rushing at high speed around here, probably because we're on the last couple of weeks before schools get out for the summer and I have so much to do before then! I finally got my degree results and graduate on the 19th July :) So now when I fill out application forms I no longer have to write result pending which may i guess not have helped much with job applications. On a mission to find a job! As my degree is in Youth Work I am hoping to work with young people but the government seems to like hitting budgets for that first :(

The summer vacation looks like it's gonna be one long garage sale, but we do get a vacation at the end of August, 8 days in New York and Washington, Anneliese's first trip to the US since 2011, she's already got her eye on a few trips to American Girl, Ian's coming with us, so a first family vacation!