Saturday, 18 February 2012

Feel bad not posting, but i'm currently in my busiest term at Uni (and hopefully my final term) and everythings starting to crowd in at once :( boy will i be glad when everything is done!

If anyone did happen to have a spare $25 i just spotted this on ebay

good to save even if like me its a bit dear right now for what it is, lovely photo of Ginger however!!


  1. ...yes, I'm looking for that one... but 25 Georges is a bit steep...PLUS over 7 for shipping? Hmmm.... they might have to 're-configure' their deal to a bid... there are a few folks who collect sheet music out there (I'm one - well, the Gingery stuff only, of course) - so they can do OK in that format...
    I DON'T have any from In Person, so ti would be nice...and that's my fave tune from that one by FAR... maybe it will re-emerge elsewhere..

    Well, hope the schooling is going well, if at a breakneck pace... but it's worth it to crank it now, to be FINISHED later! Good luck - you'll do fine, no doubt, Kat!!!

    And, if you ever get overwhelmed, jsut remember to....



  2. I thought i'd found a gem earliar when someone listed 'I'll String Along With You' Sheet Music as a Record :( But i did find 'Cheek to Cheek/Piccolino' original Decca Recordings, its got 6 days to go and can see it getting to a bit more than the $9.50 its currently at.
    I'd not seen any sheet music for 'In Person' before but i found the record first, will be interesting to see if it actually sells..

    i now understand why people say this is the worst part of uni, mainly because it is, i relaxes earliar by watching 'Flying Down To Rio' and reading the nomination list for Academy Award for Best Song in the 1930s :)
    Best way to Procrastinate!!

  3. I need to sort out my records...i have actually quite a few... one of these days I'll set up a 'proper' music section on me!!!

    in the meantime, there's a lot of YouTube vids with tunes on them...heck, that might be as easy as doing the player deal.

    now, get DONe with school, so you can post more stuff!! :-)

    KIG, Kat!!!