Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Real Gift of Ginger

Ginger's Academy Award

Ginger with Carol Channing

The Roller Skating Party held by Ginger and Alfred Vandabilt 1937

With Jimmy Stewart

Ginger's Rollerskates

The cabana boy can have the morning off ;)

Under a tin foil hat

Now where's that tyroleon!

the Oscar nomination form

Advertisement for the Gibson Girl, needless to say the project was abandoned

Ginger's Portrait of Irving Berlin done at George Gershwin's House

Recieving Congratulations from George Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors, Dec 1992


This was a tv broadcast, has anyone seen it?

This interview cost $40 (the ball broke the camera!)

Ginger in Girl Crazy

Refusing Champagne in Girl Crazy

Ginger with Liberace

Being presented the the Queen after the Royal Command Performance of Mame


  1. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I hadn't seen the majority of these pics. They're fantastic. As you might guess, my two favorites were Oscar by himself and the picture of Ginger looking at the little guy. Also the picture featuring Ginger meeting the Queen caught Ginger at her radiant best. A super photo! The exhibit certainly had tons of interesting items. Great job reporting!

  2. ...awesome documentation, Kat! There's a great wealth of stuff there...glad you got to see all of it! I actually have a few of those mags... of course, all the Life mags, and a few of the 'Look' ones as well...but there are gobs of pics I haven't the one with her holding the 'Oregon' flag (I am a pretty big Oregon duck fan... in fact, they were playing a scrimmage game the day before the deal in Medford last year... would have been a killer weekend... but we that lil' ol' tornado rip thru, so it was meant that I stay here...)

    dang, I forgot about th 'Gibson Girl', that's an awesome pic the hair color! She had a few 'movies that weren't...another one was something like 'Miss Carey's Chickens' or something...weird title, but it was a scrapped film... that might be a fair G-ology post one day if I can gather enough info on it.

    Of course, ginger's roller skates are to me as cool or cooler than the Oscar...I would REALLY dig those...

    seeing all this is just 'reinforcing' my drive to get up there and check it out... hopefully it will work out... would also like to catch a game at Fenway, too...while I'm there! I went to a KC game last year, so maybe that's part of a 'ginger-themed' trip... like the part in 'It had to be you' when they are at the game...which is probably my fave part of that movie.

    ok...gotta go zonk...SOME of us have to WORK tomorrow! :-]

    Glad you are having fun, Kat! Keep it Gingery, as always!!!


  3. So glad ya liked it Lady F!! I hadn't seen most of the photos either, I tried and failed to get a decent shot of the base of the Oscar himself, the light and being respectful with not having the flash on meant that i have several where Kitty Foyle can just about be made out but not much more :(

    Hu, i'm guessin ya mean 'Mother Carey's Chickens, which did eventually make it to the big screen in 1938, with Anne Shirley and Ruby Keeler. Hope ya noticed ya got a mention in one of the caps ;)

    if ya going out then try and get there before the next semester because at a guess they seem to change the displays each semester :)

    I'm hoping to go to Boston again once school is out, the curator mentioned that they have lots of Fred and Adele Astaire artefacts in the archives along with more artefacts of Ginger's that they couldn't fit in the exhibition! Sounds like somewhere i could easily move into lol!!

  4. ...yep... I noticed the Cabana Boy shout-out! I actually have the mag - LOOK, right? I have a few of those - need to document a bit better... There's another BIG thing G-ology is needing...

    Oh yeah, guess the 'chicken flick' did get made... but Gibson Girl did not, right? Hey, I SAID I need to do more research on it, right? I cuold also delve into the prospect of Ginger being in 'Alice in Wonderland, which Walt wanted to be originally a 'live action - animated' deal, with Ginger as a REAL Alice... she ended up doing the recorded one instead.

    OK - well, hope I can make it this summer...I'll have to pull a few more stringgs on this one, but it's still pretty 'doable'... I was fortunate (nay, fate shone brightly) in the fact that my wife's cousins live in KC...AND that Ginger's birthday is in the middle of summer...if my daughter wasn't out of school then, it would have been a 'no-go' most likely...

    Well, heck - are you back home? Or are you still camped out in the museum? :-]

    KIG. Kat!!!


  5. Yep is Look, envy envy that ya have it!!

    I'd be interesting enough to find where and why films collapsed or where made using completely different people ( only mentions that Katharine Hepburn was due to star, no mention that Ginger was also slated to star)

    I'm back home again, was literally a 4 day trip thanks to the business of school, but going back again at the end of June, Anneliese sadly for her will still be in school, they don't get out here until the end of July, last year being the last year of nursery school was a luxury!!

    1. The pics look GREAT! I can't help saying more more more! Sounds and looks like you had a fun and successful trip :)