Monday, 16 April 2012

did you ever see a dream walking (and there's two of them!!)

Well i'm not entirely sure what's going on with firefox at the moment, it's still all over the shop for me :(

Having family crisises galore over here :( My paternal grandmother passed away last Sunday
But watching Ginger and Fred has been cheering as usual :)

I found these photos while in New York a couple of weeks ago

In an earliar post (back in Jan i think) there were a couple of other photos taken of Ginger and Fred at the same time (interesting facial expressions to hehe) but hadn't seen this one before, love finding new photos of Ginger and Fred together (long may i continue finding them!!)

On the Set of Carefree, love the cuteness of this one (anyone guess which bit of cuteness i love most hehe)

Ok so the first of these two shot's i'll admit i just found on google, the second one i did find in NYC, at a guess they were taken not long apart, in both we have a lovely shot of Ginger, love those expressions!!!

Hope everyone else is having a better week than i am!


  1. great stuff, Kat! Hopefully this will roll over here and make it our way...if anything lil ol Birmingham has going for it, is that most of the broadway productions come thru here...whoever lines those up do pretty well... I've wondered about the Ginger play/show that started a few years back...probably not around anymore - economics may have gotten it - but I'm not sure. Would have really liked to have seen that one, too.

    OK - just watched 'Change of Heart', and it was about as 'Gingerless' as I remember - she disappears about 10 minutes in, and doesn't re-surface until the last ten or so...and she is quite the vamp or whatever in this one... again, not that big on her role here... but she does it pretty well.



    1. well, heck - this comment was supposed to be oj the 'TopHat' post...funny how things can get a bit 'off-kilter' in the midnight hour :-P

  2. well i sure hope it makes it from the West End to Broadway!! Its done well enough to make it from spending months on tour last year to getting to the West End and from what i can work out its selling well! (might as well reply here hehe)

  3. good's kinda funny how a lot of the movies from the 30's were 'based on plays'...and now it's back to a 'play based on the movie... not sure if Top Hat was 'play-based', but I KNOW 'Gay Divorcee' was...

    so, it's a 'play based on a movie based on a previous play based on an original book inspired by a true story' type deal... gad, that's like a Monty Python intro, ja?

    hope you have a better week next week... of course, with Ginger's 'in memoriam' next week, along with the 'tornado anniversary' in these parts, it's just...not...gonna be too good... plus, I have a dentist's appointment on Monday...yow, that's a trifecta!

    Well, all we can do is... KIG, of course!