Saturday, 7 April 2012

Looking Back to 1937

This was published in the local newspaper at home on Friday and my dad noticed it and knowing my interest (to say it mildly haha) he sent it on to me :)

"The new Regal Cinema, seating about 1,900 people, includes all the
latest luxury features with luxurious tip-up seats. It has equipment to
enable those hard of hearing to follow the sound. The first attraction
will be the new Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers show, /Swing Time,/ when
William Southwold will be at the mighty Compton organ."
Kudos to the Cinema for having such good taste!!
Its now a bar, but there still is cinema above it :)


  1. Neat article...but dang it, part of it is stashed behind your music how did you do THAT? :-) definitely looks like something I would have happen...


    And have a great Easter!


  2. Which browser are you using? I had the same issue when viewing the post in firefox (incidently i couldn't comment from there this morning either) but am seeing it fine in internet explorer and in google chrome, but in firefox everything seems to have shifted accross this morning :/

    Happy Easter!!

  3. well, I AM in firefox, but I thought that was the 'preferred choice' of Blogger... weird.

    I've noticed a few 'squirrely' things going on when trying to post lately (out of FF) - but IE is still a heap slower then FF, in my experience, anyway. I'll go check this post out in IE, tho!

    Have a great Easter, Kat!

    KIG - Hu

  4. OK - got it over on IE...good stuff! HaHa - the 'Alabama' Theater has 'the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ', so I guess that's a prerequisite for 'classic' theaters...


  5. Nice article! I wish I could see a Fred and Ginge pic on big screen big sound theater!! Most be an amazing showing! :)

  6. Hey Molly,

    i agree that's one luxury i'd give anything to experience!!