Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Missing Musical Films from Happy Birthday Fred!!

Movie History being made. Fred and Ginger dance together for the first time on screen 'The Carioca - Flying Down to Rio' 1933

You'll Find While Your Dancing, That There's a Rhythm in Your Heart and Soul, A Certain Rhythm That You Can't Control 'The Continental - The Gay Divorcee' 1934
Fred and Ginger prepare to dance in 'Roberta' 1935
Dancing 'Cheek to Cheek - Top Hat' 1935
Fred and Ginger looking Amazing in 'Follow the Fleet' 1936
Just the Way You Look Tonight 'Swing Time' 1936
Fred and Ginger 'Shall We Dance' 1937
Psychoanalysing on your bicycle 'Carefree' 1938
Fred and Ginger 'The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle' 1939 (their final film together for RKO)

Reunited again (and although this photo wouldn't tell you their first and only movie in colour!) Fred and Ginger 'The Barkleys of Broadway' 1949


  1. Nice collection of pics which cap the greatness of our fave 'team'! I probably should have done a bit more over on G-ology for Fred's birthday, but...I'll make sure to next year for the 115th!

    Hope all is well, Kat!!!



  2. I agree, nice collection of pics! They certainly went well together, both Ginger and Fred and the pictures you used.


  3. Took a long time to choose :D I think i've got more photos of 'Fred and Ginger' than i have of 'Fred' alone!