Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy 114th Birthday Fred!!

Ok jumping the gun a little here as its another 5 hours until May 10th in the State of Fred's Birth but it's May 10th here already and I may not have time later!

Fred and his sister Adele, i'm not entirely sure when this was taken in the 1900s/1910s at a guess!

photo from the original 'Babbit and the Bromide' Number (i really need a time machine!!!!)

Fred and his first screen dance parter Joan Crawford 'Dancing Lady' 1933

Fred with Gracie Allen and George Burns 'A Damsel in Distress' 1937
Fred and Eleanor Powell 'Begin the Beguine in Broadway Melody of 1940'
Fred with Paulette Goddard 'Second Chorus' 1940

'The Wedding Cake Walk - You'll Never Get Rich' 1941 with Rita Hayworth
Valentines Day at 'Holiday Inn' 1942 with Majorie Reynolds

Fred with Rita Hayworth for 'You were Never Lovelier' 1942

Fred and Joan Leslie 'The Skies the Limit' 1943

The Sky's the Limit was Fred's last movie to be made for RKO and his last musical to be made in B&W

Fred and Gene Kelly 'The Babbit and the Bromide' Zeigfeld Follies 1944
Fred and Lucille Bremer 'Yolanda and the Thief' 1945

A Couple of Song and Dance Men' (although this is Fred rehearsing for Bing during Holiday Inn)

Fred and Joan Caulfield Blue Skies 1946
Fred 'Puttin' on the Ritz - Blue Skies' 1946

Fred and Judy Garland 'A Couple of Swells - Easter Parade' 1948
Fred with Vera Ellen in 'Three Little Words' 1950
Fred and Betty Hutton 'Lets Dance' 1950
Fred and Jane Powell 'Royal Wedding' 1951
Fred walking on walls in 'Royal Wedding' 1951
Everytime i watch it i still wonder at how its done (although i do know the theory its still amazing to watch)

Fred with Vera Ellen for 'The Belle of New York' 1952
Fred and Cyd Charisse 'The Girl Hunt Ballet - The Band Wagon' 1953
Fred doing 'The Sluefoot' with Leslie Caron in 'Daddy Long Legs' 1955
Fred and Audrey Hepburn 'Funny Face' 1956
Fred with Cyd Charisse in 'Silk Stockings' 1957
Fred with Barrie Chase
I've just included a snapshot or two of every film Fred made except the ones he made with Ginger, i did this for various reasons not least because most of this blog is Fred and Ginger but also i'd be here all night choosing!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Fred! Really, not one pic with Ginger? :(

    1. To be fair i now feel really bad, next post looming ;)