Friday, 21 June 2013

Top Hat in Stockport

Thanks to my 'Ginger-Sensor' and GingerPeachy's friend passing the news onto her to any UK or people near enough to jump over 'Top Hat' is being shown in Stockport near Manchester on October 10th (2013).

early heads up because even with 2 showings this looks like it could go quite fast, its all for a good cause also :)
i'm hoping to make it, although if i get a job by then it could be awkward sad to say :(

Just as a heads up (and thanks Huey for the wakeup!) This is the 1935 Film that is being shown in Stockport and not the Stage Production.  I've seen Fred on the big screen but Fred and Ginger would be the icing on many cakes so here's hoping


  1. hope ya get to see it...again! Maybe one day it will mosey on into these parts... it's funny, productions of 'Hello Dolly' and '42nd Street' are coming thru town...would kinda like to see 42nd St. ...just to see how Anytime Annie is faring in the 21st Century...

    hope ya make it!

    1. ya made me realise i forgot to mention this is the 1935 movie on the big screen :D and not the stage production (incidently i'm seeing that for the 19th time tomorrow night ;))