Friday, 29 June 2012

Greetings from Boston

Just in Boston until Saturday, before move on to Washington DC :) 
The Ginger exhibition is happily still there and according to the guy i spoke to today is likely to be there until the end of August, but that sounds like it'll be it :(
It was very nice to step back inside, i've mainly been watching the video taken on the set of Vernon and Irene Cast;e i found out however that you have to be working on a research project to get access to the Archive collections, but as they say where there's a will, there's a way and uni can expect an article on Adele Astaire in the near future, maybe it'll get me nearer to my career dreams :)

Hope everyone isn't suffering too much in the heat!! It appears to be just as warm at home as it is here, just my luck!!


  1. Thanks for the info! We MAY be heading to Baltimore later this summer, and of course, if we make it there, another 350 miles or so isn't going to stop me :-)

    As for the 'future' of the exhibit, will everything just be 'archived' there? It's great that it would be, but just wondering if there will be other displays, if it's going to be shown in other locales, etc...

    AND, as far as viewing the archives, wouldn't some nice 'legal tender' get you though the door? You know, a 'donation' to dear old B.U.? :-]

    Great to know you have gone thru the exhibit well...if I can't make it, at least you have given us all a detailed review of it...great work, Kat!!!

    KIG! and be safe!


  2. If you can make it, it'd definitely be worth it!!

    They didn't know, it's all on loan (of course) and they didn't have any information on what Roberta's plans are for it :/ Roberta did say a while back that there weren't currently any plans to take it anywhere else but she said that way back when the show failed to make it to N.Y..

    i was told you needed a project, then again one never knows ;)

    Cheers Hu, i promise it would be worth making the trip!!

  3. Well, there's been some developments on this front...looking like we MAY be able to swing a trip about the first week of August...I've already e-mailed the archive folks at BU to make sure what the time 'limit' will be for the exhibit...
    If it happens, we will 'set up camp' in Baltimore - well, just outside - and drive up one morning - EARLY... I just want to 'miss' any rush hour traffic in the big cities...oof... so some strategy will definitely have to be employed... a 'normal' drive looks to be about 4 or so hours, but...thru Phily and NYC, and Boston, who knows...
    ...BUT, looking a good bit better...our vacation a few weeks back didn't pan out too well, as we had a stomach bug... well, me, then my daughter...but enough to really 'abbreviate' what we could do.

    SO, maybe a 'proper' vacation will occur in the form of a Baltimore - Boston adventure... heck, I've always wanted to check out Boston, and the 'New England' area, anyway - Hershey - Lancaster Pa is the northernmost I've been...well, I've been to Rochester, NY for a few days of code hearings, but honestly never left the hotel/convention center... so not sure if that counts :-]

    So, it's in the works... keep the good thoughts in yer head...maybe it will work out.

    KIG, Kat!!!


  4. My my!!! You did round two :) That's cool. It sounds to me like you might have been there the same weekend as Molly Brown. Are most of the items there under the control of Roberta either personally or Ginger's estate? I guess they never recorded the performance when the exhibit first opened. I would love to get that.

  5. I was in Boston 26th-30th, flew to Washington DC on the Saturday lunchtime :) I spent my 3 days at the university in the archives with the Adele Astaire collection :) But i still found time each day to spend in Ginger's exhibition :) The descriptions for the items say they belong to Roberta Olden/The Ginger Collection, as far as i'm aware the Estate is controlled by Paul Becker. I asked one of the archivists who i met back in March about the performance, according to him it was recorded but not available on sale because i asked :/ I agree i'd have loved to have seen that!

  6. You are amazing :) Did they perhaps have any footage of Adele performing? I bet it would be fascinating to watch as she must have been an incredible performer. Hmmm. Who is Paul Becker? I just assumed since Roberta had the memorabilia that she was controlling the estate. I wonder if Ginger willed those things to her. We should find out if Roberta will be returning to Boston to oversee sending all the items back to their home. I'd be glad to help her pack Oscar :) and maybe ask her a few questions in the process.

    Did the guy say what happened to the recording?

  7. The book of RKO Posters that was created for Ginger's Centenary was by Roberta Olden and Paul Becker (who was a friend of Ginger's for 20 years)
    There is some footage of a mock rehearsal from 'Smiles' (the Ziegfeld flop) that shows Adele and Fred for a couple of seconds but i didn't get to see it :/ It took all the time i had reading letters, looking at photos, personal memorabilia etc, rather looking forward to writing the article now :)
    From what i understand everything in Ginger's estate belongs to Roberta. It'd be interesting to know if she'll return to pack up, i'd love it if the memorabilia stayed in Boston for longer, there is a real niche in the market at the moment for a book on Ginger, especially since the book on Fred and Adele came out

    All the guy said was that it was recorded :/

  8. ...I was going to add that there was a display in the area outside the 'Ginger Room' that focused on Fred and Adele... I'm sure you have thoroughly perused it as well...

    um...what's this about a book of RKO posters for Ginger's centenary? I'd bite on that, for sure... or is that something I missed? Knowing me, most likely the latter...oof.

    Good to know Roberta is in control of everything...she is a tenacious Gingerologist, for sure, and all is in good hands with her... I wish it would make the rounds to other locales, tho...

    KIG, y'all!!

  9. I sure did!! Can picture it now haha

    Roberta (and Paul Becker) created a book of Ginger's posters (images not the actual posters) for Ginger's Centenary and put a couple on eBay, no idea how many were actually produced :/

    I'd love to see more Ginger 'awareness' over here!!!