Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nice to Be Remembered

Sorry for not posting in a while, trying to get my dissertation sorted and waiting to hear about a couple of weeks work that i have coming up in July, as well as spending time with my daughter, fitting in travel, packing up my flat in Leicester to move back home, going to see Top Hat (yes again!!) and getting ready to go away again on Tuesday :)

I've been doing some shopping on eBay and have scanned in the covers as they are clearly too nice not to share ;)

Picture Show and Film Pictorial Vol. 49 No. 1273 October 6th 1945

The first of Ginger's Life Covers, what i didn't realise until it arrived in the post was how big Life Magazine was! Hence why Life is cut off at the top, not to mention Ginger's name at the side :/

I was informed last night that the Cast Recording for Top Hat on Stage is being recorded at the end of the month and will be available for sale in a couple of months, looking forward to it especially the songs that were taken from other shows, the best of the bunch is definitely 'Outside of That I Love You' performed by 'Horace and Madge' much looking forward to that :) The Stage show definitely gets better, i really enjoyed it last night, although that i got asked by 3 of the orchestra how i was might have helped a little hehe!


  1. Sounds like you have a full plate for the next month or so...hope all goes swimmingly for you! (hey - that could be a good 'catch phrase for an Estherologist (Esther Williams, that is :-] )

    Anyway... nice covers! I would LOVE to just horde up all of those different mags...dang there's so MANY, tho... I do have all of the LIFE mags with Ginger on front...yep, they are quite 'substantial' in nature! But they are so cool to thumb thru... I'd like to have an entire library of those puppies...of course, Ginger occurs in them every now and then over the 30's and 40's, albeit not necessarily on the cover...

    ANOTHER Top Hat viewing awaits, eh? Well, heck, it must be a pretty cool show...good to hear! I was looking at the info for the 'Backwards and High Heels' show which is currently going on somewhere South Florida way... but, I found a rough review for it, so...that's a shame. Ginger's story would make a pretty cool 'play/musical'...sooner or later it will happen 'properly'.
    Hey, what's the 'status' of Fred being portrayed on film? I know it was in his will or whatever, but shouldn't there be a statute of limitation on that? A story on Ginger's life would be awesome, although something tells me a 'treatment' in today's Hollywood would not be what we are looking for... but, I have pretty much decided who can be Ginger... Reese Witherspoon...she really favors Ginger, at least in the lot of today's actresses... and she would probably be a pretty good Ginger, role-wise... oh well...hopefully one day...

    Well, the 'divorcee' review is getting there...still need caps and the 'general review' - that part is pretty quick, as I write it pretty much 'on the fly'... as for the screen caps, I'll probably defer a lot of them (especially the dance scenes) to the 'filmBlogSite' for the film...

    OK - have a great weekend, Kat!



  2. I'm off to Boston tomorrow evening until Saturday and then from there to Washington DC until the 5th July then home for a couple of weeks work!

    Top Hat was pretty good last week, i've booked to go again in both July and August, in August i'm taking Anneliese courtesy of an offer for kids to go free to any west end show when accompanied by a full paying adult!
    Has that been playing again then? The last time i looked the most recent article i found wasn't that recent :/ (around 2007)

    I'm no expert on people's wills but i'd hazard a guess that any statute would hold until at least 100 years after someone's death, his will stated that he had no wish to be portrayed on film, most likely because people would only do it wrong (which i guess is fair enough) if it happens at all i'd guess we won't be here to see it :(

    Hope you're weekend's been good and have a good week!!