Thursday, 19 July 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes Ginger xxxxxxxxxx

Feeling very sad that was unable to blog for Ginger's birthday on Monday, i did manage to tweet (and got a follower back! if anyone uses it follow me @fredngingermad) but i was working all day monday and haven't really had a break since :( Almost at the end of a second weeks residential working with young people which has bee exremely tiring but very rewarding :) looking forward to 2 weeks rest before i go away for another week's residential
Took Anneliese to see Top Hat on Saturday, i had to stop her from singing along! I took he round to the stagedoor earliar and she met the two leads :) I'm taking her again in August because overhere they have kids 'week' for tickets to west end shows allowing 1 child under 16 with every full paying adult and am rather chuffed as have been asked by one of the companies who work with London's Theatres to review Top Hat for them :)


  1. Off to London today to see Top Hat again! This time, I'm going to compare tour version v West End, as the friend I'm going with says it's the same - I'm going to (politely!)identify the differences for her.
    Lucky you, getting to review it!
    Will you post a copy of the review so we can read it?

  2. Puttin on the Ritz wasn't in the tour version was it? i've heard some songs were dropped and others added? now gutted that i didn't see it on tour haha!
    When i find the time to write the review i will surely post it, although having done my own review back in April and reviewed it everytime via ticketmaster i'm not entirely sure what i'm going to say, scrambling to finish my dissertation at the moment, its due in on the 17th and then i can give my mind over to everything and anything Ginger and Fred related not to mention i've got an article on Adele waiting to be written, hope your friend enjoyed the differences in the West End Show!!! Do you have plans to go again?!

  3. Good luck with the dissertation - once it's handed in, celebrate with Fred and Ginger!
    You're right, Puttin' On The Ritz wasn't in the tour version - it started off with You Can't Brush Me Off. I think POTR works better, although it was odd seeing it performed in "Vaudeville" type costumes. Another song was cut, How Can I Change My Luck?, just before No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)and, just after Isn't It A Lovely Day to Be Caught in The Rain, Dale's reprise was replaced with You're Easy to Dance With and What is Love?
    All these work well and tightened the production, the only song I really missed was the one before Top Hat, White Tie and Tales - it was called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and as such, was a weak song, but had the most amazing Art Deco historical costume tableau to go with it - Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc and Venus on pedestals surrounded by chorines! I didn't feel half a dozen chorines and a large gold shell, in front of the curtain, was much of a substitute.
    The second half was mostly the same - the only noticable difference was that Bates' argument with the police chief was now off stage and just alluded to, which was a shame as it was a lovely little comedy moment. Unfortunately, Summer was off the day I went and although the understudy was very, very good, she didn't have the same costumes as Summer - when she meets Jerry she wore the dress I saw her in when she is one of the 'guests' at the hotel, on tour.
    I still loved it, it's such a joyous show, but I don't think I'll go again - I think three times is enough and I have a ticket for a second visit to Singin' In The Rain for early September to pay for.
    Looking forward to an article about Adele, I find her fascinating.

  4. I wonder if i could ask you a favour, i've finally finshed my review but i'm rather over the word limit (of 1000 words) and struggling to cut it! As you've seen the show i wondered if you'd mind taking a look, i hate cutting words and i've cut everything i can think of!