Friday, 17 July 2015

Top Hat (1935) vs Top Hat on Stage Part 2

Top Hat (1935)
Top Hat on Stage
The Thackeray Club

Here the film and the stage show are almost the same, although a few moments shown in the film are different and some of the lines are different

In the movie we see people entering the club and see a plaque reading  The London Thackeray Club founded in 1864, we then see another sign announcing that Silence Must be observed in the club rooms

Jerry it transpires is waiting for his friend Horace Hardwick and is obviously getting bored as demonstrated in both the film and the stage show.
We learn when Horace arrives at The Thackeray Club (eventually) that Jerry has been waiting for him for quite some time. When Horace is speaking to the concierge and has finished telling them that Mr Travers is indeed the celebrated American Gentleman (film)/ celebrated American Performer (stage) and that he's come over to star in his show, in the film Horace tells the concierge that he doesn't want any of the members (of the club) to know as he wants to surprise them, the concierge's wonderful reply is that 'he's sure they'll be surprised, first leaving Horace grinning and then his facial expression changing quickly as he realises what the man has said.
As Horace goes to find Jerry the conversation remains quiet until having explained to Jerry that he has many things to tell and that he wants him to come back to his hotel, turns back to the concierge to retrieve their things, Jerry takes the opportunity to liven the club up and blasts a tap barrage causing Horace to come and drag him away and an annoyed room of club members behind them

In the stage show the concierge instead reassures Horace that his lips are sealed and that he won't say a word to anyone, when Horace goes over to Jerry they have a conversation which is half quiet and goes loud at random times ensuring a loud Shhh, Horace tells Jerry that they can't talk in here and they prepare to leave, as the concierge comes over with Jerry's hat it is noticed that when he walks his shoes squeak, Jerry having established that it's not him, blasts into a barrel of taps leaving the Thackeray club members in a state of disturbed exasperation

Unlike in the film where the next scene is straight to the hotel, in the stage show we see Horace and Jerry with Horace trying with some desperation to attract a taxi, Jerry is asking him about business, thankfully it seems that business is good for Horace as he then explains he has an expensive wife to support, Jerry then asks about Madge and expresses his disappointment that she'll be missing his opening night, it turns out that Horace isn't so bothered about this as apparently opening nights make Madge jumpy and the only thing that calms her down is spending Horace's money and that in turn makes him jumpy.
This is followed by banter between Horace and Jerry including that 'last week Horace went to a funeral and caught the bouquet!' Jerry kindly assures him that he's not unlucky and that he's about to have a hit show, Horace recovers and tells Jerry that not only is he right but that he must treat him to dinner, fortunately for them a cab driver finally appears and we learn that their destination is The Excelsior Hotel where the restaurant apparently serves the best foie gras in London

This then leads onto the hotel suite... Watch out for part 3 :-)

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