Thursday, 16 July 2015

Happy Birthday Ginger!!!!

Unsuprisingly I feel rather bad about not posting anying in months, something called a wedding got in the way ;-)

Ginger for me was one of the most talented actresses, not only was she a fabulous dancer but had that rare ability to be successful at anything she put her hand to, being a comedienne, wowing everyone in 'straight roles', keeping people on their seats in film noir, playing skeet, drawing, painting, tennis and the list goes on!!!

Despite not posting my love for Ginger and Fred hasn't gone anywhere, if anything I've been doing my best with promoting their movies everytime I travel to see the stage production of Top Hat, as on tour i've now seen it 25 times (making 52 times in total) that adds up to a fair few locations! (Japan tour is next)

I'm also very happy that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London are hosting an event in September to celebrate 80 years since the release of Top Hat, it goes without saying that i'm looking forward to it!

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