Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Miss Ginger Rogers!!

Following on with the theme of choosing 'a few' favourite photos of Ginger, boy that was difficult!!
Happy 102 Birthday to our beautiful lady, hard to believe only 2 years ago was in Independence for Ginger's Centenary, by the clock it was only half 8! Was a real privilige to meet Huey (and the gang!) Incidently i'm always up for meeting other fans of Ginger (erosenplatt will tell ya that!) so if anyone else is NYC or Washington DC based I (and 'baby' although at 6 she sure isn't a baby no more! oh and Ian lol) are in NYC 26th-29th Aug and DC 29th Aug-2nd Sept :-)


  1. So hard to pick which pics to pick but these are all great. Happy Birthday to Ginger! You got to celebrate it before anyone over here, haha.

    1. yea i got to celebrate Ginger's birthday for 30 hours! not bad when there's only 24 hours in a day ;)

  2. Hi Kat,

    Nice choice of pics! Between all of you guys, I'm doing an overdose of Ginger beauty! :) Thank you for this nice tribute to Miss G.

    KIG - Kat!
    I'm sorry, I wont be no where near NY or DC in August - would have been fun to meet you... and the baby... and Ian!