Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Absolutely Gutted

Went on my external harddrive tonight as wanted to transfer some of Ginger's movies on to memory stick to discover the entire file had been wiped :( no idea how, all the other movies i have are intact including Gene Kelly's movies and not in a million years would i wipe Ginger's before his (or anyone elses)

Asking a big favour from fellow Ginger fans i have some of Ginger's movies backed up in other places but not all (although there should be a memory stick with them on in my house somewhere its just finding it) and am now asking if people could help me out with the movies I now have missing, would be very grateful if anyone could, really am devastated to find this (second harddrive thats wiped on me this year :( )

The Movies I am now missing are

A Night In A Dormitory
Young Man of Manhattan
Queen High
Honor Among Lovers
The Tip-Off
The Tenderfoot
You Said A Mouthful
Professional Sweetheart
Romance in Manhattan
Star of Midnight
In Person
Tom, Dick and Harry
Tales of Manhattan
Lady In The Dark
Weekend At The Waldorf
Storm Warning
Forever Female
The First Travelling Saleslady
Teenage Rebel
Oh Men, Oh Women
Quick Lets Get Married

I've got a lot of if only's going through my head right now, if anything good comes out of this it'll be a much tidier house as i'm doing everything i can right now to find any memory sticks that might have some of the missing movies on


  1. ...I'm on it, Kat... actually, there are a few on YouTube, but be careful...a couple are using GingerFilm titles, but the preview pane 'pop-up' what is pretty much porn... not sure how that's happening, unless folks are trying to 'circumvent' the YT censors.... but anyway, I have these...hopefully all - and I can slap 'em in a stick and send to ya... now, it will most likely be this weekend, if that's ok, but... I might get on it sooner! Just reply if there's anything else... hang in there, Kat!!!

    KIG!!! Especially at a time like this!!!


    1. Hu, you have to be some kind of a saint! I'm praying that my portable harddrive reappears when my parents move house next week but i know sadly theres no guarantee on that happening :/ I can only be thankful i know which movies i'm now missing (thanks to listing them in a word doc!) the tv shows i have mainly lost also :( but the movies matter most

    2. My hero! Leave it to Huey to come to the rescue of a damsel in distress, oops, maybe that should be... responding to a Shriek in the Night! ;)

  2. I have a lot of the tv shows on DVDs that you can have. Can you wait until August? Or I can upload them if you prefer. Fear not, the Gingerologists won't let you go without any Gingery-goodness for long.


    1. I have patience to wait, thankyou very much for the kindness :-) i am very grateful for what i did have backed up elsewhere and i have my beloved Rogers-Astaire movies :-) fortunately all my radio shows come under music and stored everywhere i could think of, my main downfall with the movies is they are so big :(

  3. Here is what is available on if you need a quick fix.

    plus 13th Guest and Shriek in the Night and a lot of trailers if you lost those too...
    and a lot of radio shows too.

  4. Kat, you probably have my e-mail, but just in case, it's - shoot me an e-mail with info on where to mail to you - I probably have that info somewhere, but...better get it again from you.

  5. ...Kat! Good news...looks like ALL of the list is in my Gingerfiles... so, I will send ya a few thumb drives worth of stuff (weird how some are 'larger' than others, and most are pretty much the same 'running time'...) Honestly, it shouldn't take too much time to load them... there's only one 'non-.avi' file, and it is a 'vlc file'...which you most likely have as a media player's the one that has the little orange really seems to work best for me, audio and movie file-wise... the only other 'curiosity' is that Tales of Manhattan is in two files....and honestly, the first 'half' is the only one needed, with Ginger's 'scene', as well as Lovely Rita just before it... but I'll throw both of them on there...

    I'll get cranking on it tomorrow! KIG, Kat!!!


    1. Thankyou so much!! I have vlc so all good there :) with regard to Tales in Manhattan i've only seen the 'tale' that followed Ginger's so would be interesting to see what came before