Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sleeplessness (again)

Well what better way to get through insomnia than a little posting, last night it was discussing Ginger on facebook :-)
Currently job hunting although its not going very well right now, my ideal job would involve Ginger and Fred research in some capacity, from the current angle i can keep dreaming :/

I for once last week saw a couple of Westend musicals that were not Top Hat! I saw the aclaimed A Chorus Line which i enjoyed very much, which also got me thinking how little the world has really changed, from Stage Door (30s) to A Chorus Line (70s) to the current day

I also caught The Tailor Made Man in it's world premier just before it finished in London, i enjoyed it so much on the Thursday afternoon that i bought tickets for the final performance on the Saturday evening. The musical set in the late 1920s onwards is about the Actor William (Billy) Haines and his releationship with Jimmie Shields and their long term friendship with Marion Davies. I'm sincerely hoping that the last hasn't been seen of it. One of the songs 'Design' had a mention of Ginger and Fred ( and I was thrilled to see a copy of an old magazine (although which one i completely forget except i think it was Picture 'something') with Ginger on the front :-)

just noticed that while these two photos appear to have been taken in the same place wall paper has appeared, the second photo i found yesterday looking for photos from 'Tender Comrade' and just noticed i have another, of course when i googled 'Follow the Fleet' i found no trace of any photos of that dress, my own collection was more useful, i love the 'clips' at the top, they seem to have been in fashion


  1. Did you ever get to sleep? I'm looking for a job myself and have been staying up and applying online. Not a lot of fun. I love Ginger's dress. It could be worn on a red carpet today and still look fabulous!

    1. I did as the sun was rising, i should really have stayed up and not gone to sleep, i'm also trying to make half of the contents of my house disappear, hopefully on ebay :) there are 2 jobs i applied for where the deadline closes next week so hoping that i might get lucky (or something)

      I love that dress, but it gets so little screen time, it'd be great to find out what colour it was though!

    2. I guess you will have to keep yourself up a while to get back on the schedule of sleeping at night again. If you are getting rid of any Ginger Rogers items, you have quite a few people who will gladly help you out haha! You have to make room for a large box of yours that is still sitting in my living room waiting for a trip to England.

      The down side to all those black and white movies, I wonder what color all the costumes are. Some of them are described in the fan magazines but not a lot of them.
      Get some sleep and good luck with the jobs.

  2. a building code manual! It will zonk you out in 5 minutes!

    Here's hoping you find the awesome job that's waiting for ya! Channel your Inner Ginger, and all will be well, for sure!

    and good catch on the FTF dress...never really connected it to that movie... that's one thing I want to do on the 'filmBlogs'...set up a 'GingerCostumes/Dresses' in the chronological order they appear in the film... what might help things out a bit... sure would help me!

    KIG, Kat!!!


    1. have ya got one spare?!

      Its not a dress we see a lot of, and there clearly are more spectacular/memorable outfits (beaded sleeves for one) although i am a fan of this dress, i like the sound of the chronological outfits!