Friday, 8 March 2013

They Can't Take That Away From Us

Sure i should be sleeping or something, but having decided to make a new youtube video it got me thinking a little towards the content and do people really think it was the best of ideas

before you all think i'm mad or something, the new video puts together two clips, one of Fred singing to Ginger in 'Shall We Dance' and secondly of Fred and Ginger dancing in 'The Barkleys of Broadway, the song of course is the Gershwin Classic 'They Can't Take That Away From Me'

I'm in the camp that still bemoans the fact that they missed the chance to dance to it in 1937, although that Ferry did look a little cramped! (incidently anyone know what/who's car they used?!) there sadly is not enough of Fred and Ginger dancing in that film (who's idea was Harriet Hoctor anyhow?..) but aside from the clear nostalgic value if the suggestion had come from anyone but Ginger would they really have reused it just to make up for missing the chance to dance to it 12 years earliar...

Please don't misunderstand me i love that they danced to it in Barkleys and to me it proved that whatever happens the magic of Fred and Ginger can't be taken away from us but i just wondered what everyone else thought :-)


  1. I agree, they should have danced to it in "Shall We Dance". That would have improved the movie a great deal. Don't get me started on Harriet Hoctor and the finale either!
    I don't think the song would have been put into "Barkleys of Broadway" without Ginger suggesting it. It wasn't in the movie prior to Ginger stepping in, right? I saw the piece on You Tube and think it is great. It is nice to see the 2 clips together. So there are my 2 cents :)

    1. i'd forgotten as always that it was supposed to be 'You made me love you' with Garland, so that is a really good point! And no i doubt it very much..

  2. great stuff, Kat! It's pretty well documented that this routine is my 'dark horse' fav of all time, because I think the tune is honestly their 'signature' one... yeah, they had a lot of timeless ones they danced to, but...this one just captures the 'overall' body of work they did, and serves as a perfect 'coda' for their partnership...
    KIG, Kat!!!