Saturday, 13 October 2012

Movie Posters

One of the Working Titles's for Twenty Million Sweethearts, glad they didn't stick with it!

Magnificent Doll (1946)

Lady in the Dark (1944)

Alternative Poster for Lady in the Dark (1944)

Bachelor Mother (1939)

Dream Boat (1952)

Alternative Poster for Dream Boat (1952)

In Person (1935)

A second alternative poster for Lady in the Dark (1944)

Alternative poster for Magnificent Doll (1946)

Another poster for Magnificent Doll (1946)

And another!

Oh, Men! Oh, Women! (1957)

Stage Door (1937)

Star of Midnight (1935)

The First Travelling Saleslady (1956)

Vivacious Lady (1938)

Teenage Rebel (1956)

Been sorting through my collection of photos (far to many haha) and came across these movie posters, i love this direct link to the past especially as so many posters are in colour regardless of the fact that so many of the movie's themselves were in b&w!


  1. Great stuff, Kat! I will probably be 'borrowing' these to stash in the respective filmblogs... there's a lot here I haven't seen before...nice to have more designs available!



  2. Very cool! The posters are a great snapshot of both the movie and the time that the movie was made. They are like a time capsule in and of themselves.