Saturday, 19 May 2012

He Flirted, She Laughed, They Danced so Divine

Ok so its not quite how Ginger wrote it but its my idea of Ginger and Fred :)

I'm not haing much luck at the moment, as i've unfortunately got another year of school left (long story but the university has already admitted they've let me down this year) but i do have some nice things to look forward to as well as a few weeks work over the summer :)

I'm off to see Top Hat again tomorrow night, hopefully this time i'll be able to just enjoy it and if not i'm taking 'Fred and Ginger' by Hannah Hymas to read at the interval ;)

I also (a little while ago) booked flights to go back to Boston!! So the exhibition better still be on :) I don't fly until the 26th June so a little while yet but as i deferred my dissertation i have to write that first.. 4 days in Boston and then 5 days in Washington DC and then a weekend to recover before i start 2 weeks work with 800 16 year olds ;) Very much looking forward to it though :)

Amazing the Pair of them


  1. Well, hope school wraps up... I know how it is to have to 'hang around' for a mandatory class or two which they only offer once a year...

    A return to Beantown, eh? well THAT'S cool...we are headed to the beach in a few weeks (Florida panhandle, a.k.a. 'The Redneck Rivera'...oof) but we are also thinking about a trip up to my wife's aunt/uncle outside of D.C. - and if so, AND the expo is still in B'town, I will go on and check it out... it might be as well to take a train, which I think would get ya from Baltimore to Boston...isn't that what you did, except from NYC? I am not well-versed on trains, and not sure logistically who could 'make it' with me...might be a 'solo flight'.... we'll see what happens... otherwise, I could e-mail Roberta and PLEEEEED with her to send the exhibit closer to South Gingerville - say, Nashville, Atlanta, even New Orleans, which we hit at least once a year...

    And, have fun at Top Hat... ANOTHER Gingery deal I am being 'shut out' of... dang, this locale is just NOT very Gingery... dang it.



  2. Yep i did Amtrak from Boston to NYC and back again, from what i understood in March they hope to hang onto everything Gingery for as long as possible even if its in the archives instead of being out on display

    I got the new book on the Astaire's tonight at Top Hat and am being very much educated!!

    Top Hat was a lot better this time for me at least, the wonderful orchestra remembered me!! And gave me directions to the stage door, where i got the autographs of the guy who played the Horace role and also the two leads :D

    I also heard from a little bird that Top Hat is currently in rehearsals to start on Broadway in the near future so thats nearer than London at least!!