Thursday, 10 May 2012

Happy 113th Birthday Fred!!!!

I had kinda realised that most of my recent posts have been much more Ginger related and today being Fred's Birthday gave the perfect excuse ;)

My absolute favourite photo of Fred, there is something about his expression which just makes me melt

 Something about Fred that 'reeks of class' whatever he happens to be wearing and Sexy to go with it ;) something that very few others seem to manage,

 I did think that Fred looked at his best in the 10 movies made with Ginger (a very small selection choosing just 1 pic from each movie took forever!!)

 Happy Birthday Freddie, a wonderfully talented man, thanks for the legacy


  1. Great Post, Kat! I'm getting close to the GandF films in the reviews...those are gonna be hard to 'break down', much less 'rate'... but should be fun, y'know?

    KIG! And Fred-ish!!!


    1. Happy Birthday, Fred. How could you choose just one picture from each movie? That shows a lot of strength on your part ;)

  2. Huey, i'm really looking forward to the 8 RKO Fred and Ginger reviews, i don't have a clue how ya gonna rate them!!

    E, I have no idea how i chose just one photo, i changed most of them several times hahaha