Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people from England!!!! I think you're all accross the ocean;)

sadly left the laptop at home so no pictures but here's a little christmas joy

Must have been a real joy for those who got to listen to this the first time, i'm not entirely sureof the original date but as it comes from ww2 christmas radio and Ginger announces that its coming from the good old USA i'm guessing it must come from either christmas 1939 or christmas 1940

Hope you're all having a lovely day :)


  1. Great stuff, Kat! There's a LOT of GingerRadio stuff out there I need to sort out... on eBay there's a big 'box set' of a dozen or so CD''s a 'homemade' deal, but pretty cool-looking...although ti seems SOMEONE told me it's not quite what you think... a lot of stuff inbetween all the Ginger stuff.

    Anyway, hope y'all had a super-superb-awesome-great Christmas!!! It was so cool to meet y'all this year...and glad to see this blog... keep it going!




  2. I have two cds that i bought of radio shows that Ginger did, one from amazon and one from itunes, itunes in the US appeared to have a lot more recordings than itunes in the US, i looked it up when i stayed in Chicago last September for some reason haha!

    We had a great christmas thanks, sadly noone bought me anything Ginger related (or Fred for that matter) was great meeting you this year, i also met erosenplatt so lots of Ginger fans!!! now to think about where to travel to next year, got a few plans in the pipeline!