Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Happy Advent

Hope everyone's enjoying that lovely holiday buildup and recovered from Thanksgiving! Almighty stress here from dissertation proposal, if i could have written it on Ginger and Fred i'd definitely have taken that option, i might actually have finished it! As it is it's quarter to three (yes am) but the chosen drink here is chocolate milk :)

Thinking of all the hard work that we put in to make the good things happen so just to share all these photos of Ginger and Hermes Pan rehearsing :)


  1. Thanks for sharing instead of sleeping ;)

  2., ya sippin' on some 'choc-choc'! (that's what 'Bam-Bam' calls it!
    Hope everything goes well for ya on the work... sure you'll crush it!

    As for the Ginger and Pan pics...pretty awesome... have probably seen most of these, but really haven't seen them all in sequence... dang, that dude could easily have been a 'stunt double' for Fred, right?

    BTW, I've probably said this before, but the 'side pic' of Ginger and Fred form the Barks is so cool! I LUVVVVV 'Ginger in her 40's'... where I am now, ya know... :-P

    Keep the good stuff coming, Kat! I'm off to the Sitting Pretty review...YES, it will see the light of day eventually!!!


  3. Work's all in now (thankgoodness) i was busy procrastinating when i posted ;)

    Hope ya'll get the reference to it being A Quarter to Three! Although i do think Ginger would have approved to Chocolate milk much more than the liquor mentioned in the song 'One More for My Baby'

    Even Ava Astaire once confused Pan for Fred once and he was her dad!!

    Its a lovely pic isn't it!! i wonder sometimes if they knew it was being taken haha, i wanna go back to the 1930s, i'd love to watch movie history being made.

    Looking forward to the Sitting Pretty review, Huey!!

    My last day of being 24 right now (dec 9th) celebrate 1 quarter of a century on December 10th :-)