Thursday, 17 July 2014

Happy 103rd Birthday Ginger!!!!

Happy Birthday Ginger may you forever rest in peace

Hard to believe that 3 years ago was in Independence for Ginger's centenary suffering in some serious heat (well it felt like serious heat until stopped in New Mexico the following morning!)
Feeling sad again that Nina (erosenplatt) is also no longer with us, it gets harder when Ginger/Fred related events occur :(

Anyway on a brighter note a few photos of our beautiful gal!

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  1. Great pics, Kat! it was pretty dang awesome to be in Independence, wasn't it? and it is sad 'e' is no longer here, as she was a great Gingerologist, and I also know y'all became friends... but also good to know she is in a better place, and hopefully has met up with Ginger!

    Hope you and yours had a great GingerTennial +3, Kat!!!