Wednesday, 12 February 2014

If I Had One Wish To Make...

Was very sad to hear that Shirley Temple Black passed away on Tuesday 10th Feb, even I grew up watching her movies, long before I saw the majority of Fred and Ginger's movies and realised the historical importance I spent much time watching Shirley in 'Stowaway' where she did the imitation of Ginger, with the Fred Astaire doll. I know when I originally watched the 4 (to my knowledge at least) widely available on VHS in the UK I was around the same age as Shirley was when these movies were made, incidently the first Shirley Temple movie I saw was Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm, which has Randolph Scott in it, i loved him so much in that movie!!! i'm sure most people have heard my opinion of him in Roberta and Follow the Fleet ;) I also enjoyed Shirley's performance in 'I'll Be Seeing You' I didn't choose the movie because she was in it but when I saw she was in it I was interested to see her performance in a non musical picture, so many child stars aren't seen past puberty afterall :( Found a few photos including one that I hadn't seen before of Fred with Shirley and Rita Hayworth :)
I'll Be Seeing You

Shirley with Fred and Rita
I noticed that the Shirley Temple movies were another collection that didn't escape being colorised, that said I rather like them in colour, whoever did them did a really good job

two links for one of my favourite songs from Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm, one in original b&w and the other in colour

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