Monday, 16 September 2013

In Memoriam

I know Huey has already posted so most of you will no doubt know now of 'Erosenplatt's' passing, to anyone who did not no i'm sorry.

I first got to know 'E' when she sent me a message on youtube suggesting where I could go to get my records converted to CD, her reckoning was if I could get them transferred I might be nice enough to put them on youtube, in nearly 3 years I've acquired a record player, Ginger's recordings have turned up in various places, I still haven't found anywhere to get my precious records transferred although some have been "recorded" for youtube but I made a friend who's friendship I will cherish forever

Perhaps the worst thing I've had to do was tell Anneliese about E's passing as Anneliese thought so much of her, when I told A we were going to the US her first question was 'Will we get to see "E"'? that before American Girl or anything else. When I told her the sad news her first question was 'Does that mean we'll never get to see her again?' her second (which I guess is typical of a child) was 'Does that mean there'll be no more exciting parcels' For a 6 year old I guess forever is a long time to comprehend, but her question made me think of everything I'll miss most about E, the emails and conversations on everything from Fred and Ginger to the complicated Ashes Score (cricket), the weather and life in general. The amazing way she'd find old magazine articles on Ginger, Fred, Lela, Adele not to mention music, radio recordings and other hidden gems. As well her kindness and her generosity and the treasured time spent in her company, including most recently the Labor Day Weekend only just gone, months ago when I was deciding what to do about a trip to the US (as a fine example of her wonderfulness E had been looking after my Fred and Ginger dolls until I could get over to the US to pick them up) E suggested I might bring A over again as she'd like that, i'm so glad now I was able to take her as 2 years is a long time for any child's memory
Ian too said all too rarely did you meet strangers who were so kind from the offset, its a rare quality that Ginger's fans particularly possess :-)

I was looking through emails that E sent to me when we first started corresponding and found some photos, some of them no doubt you'll have seen but others perhaps not, sorry that I did not share them before, now I know why I should have started blogging sooner (the photos were kindly sent over 9 months before Huey persuaded me I should also blog!)



  1. ...great tribute, Kat... love the pics...haven't seen a LOT of those...if OK, I will 'file' those in appropriate GingerFilm blogs... LOTS there from Black Widow! ...somehow, I kinda think 'e' would be cool with that, as she was a big proponent of the GingerFilm blogs...

    'e' was a sweet lady, from the short time I was associated with her...always a cheerful spirit, and she will be SO missed in the Gingerology community... And hoping you and Annaliese are doing better... it's never an easy time.

    KIG, Kat... and thanks for sharing... <3 Hu

    1. Please feel free to allocate them to your various GingerFilm blogs, the original emails said feel free to share so it'd be good to see them on the blogs :) I'm always inclined to believe photos of Ginger/Fred should be for sharing :)

  2. I agree with Huey. Yours is a lovely tribute to "E" and nice reflections on your relationship with her. I was unaware that you and she had actually met and spent time together. Even for someone like me who enjoyed some emails with her, her passing was jolting. Having a personal relationship with her like you and Annaliese did, makes it so much harder.

    For us Gingerologists, sharing these pictures is a tribute to "E" in itself. May her passing be a reminder to all of us to enjoy each day and treasure the moments.