Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hurricane Isaac

Hope if any of you live in the path of Isaac that you're all safe, the views on the breakfast news looked pretty wild over here, although 21st century Europe seems to be rediscovering ww2 bombs all over the place..

Thursday, 23 August 2012

the wonder of eBay..

Taking a little advice from people i have just been browsing eBay for photos of Ginger, have even bid on a few :) if anyones feeling rich, although i was browsing most of the photos for sale (buy not not auction) are from the United States, nice variety of prices to! I also found someone selling a Press Book for 'Flying Down to Rio' $150 is a little steep for me though

Photo i hadn't seen from the 1940 Academy Awards, Ginger with Jimmy Stewart and ?

They look like they could have easily started dancing!!

Press photo for Heart Beat (1946) Ginger with Sam Wood

Now that's not a scene we saw in the movie!! Ginger and Jacques Francois

Ginger and Fred during the Swingtrot, Barkleys of Broadway 1949
I may have lost control of my senses hehe, an original print from Hat Check Girl was to good an offer to pass up, even if it did cost $49!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Fabulously happy after being busy with it with what seems like forever my dissertation is finally in, results due back in september.. no point worrying about things i can't change however!

I'm quite excited now that once summer holidays are over (start of Sept) i can get on making something of all that research i did on Adele Astaire in Boston. For something that started as a ruse to get into the archives i'm hoping this could lead to more research, hunt for Hat Check Girl anyone?!

Adele Astaire

Needless to say I am also glad i now have the time to watch entire movies instead of various clips, its far to long since i watched any Fred or Ginger movie :( I've been listening to lots of music instead, as well as listening to 'Ginger: My Story' whilst finishing my dissertation :) I am truly grateful to youtube, especially since i had to move all my movies off the laptop and on to my external harddrive, clearly i need to take time to sort out photos at some point, knowing my luck there'll be duplicates

I went and saw Top Hat (yes again) last night with Anneliese, making use that for Kids Week children under 16 go free with a full paying adult, i won't say too much because its this performance i'm reviewing elsewhere :) but The Original London Cast Recording is now on sale although i recommend if people want to buy it they get it off Amazon, i paid £15 at The Aldwych and its £8.99 on Amazon :( My two favourite tracks needless to say are two that were added to the show, 'Wild about You' and 'Outside of That I Love You'.  I also learnt that Summer Strallen who is currently playing the role of Dale will finish at the start of November while Tom Chambers in the role of Jerry is contracted until Feb 2013, currently the show runs till next April, good luck to whoever replaces them is all i can say... haven't heard anymore on whether it'll go to Broadway, anyone else?

Anneliese with Tom Chambers

Possibly the nearest she'll get to 'The Jerry Travers' hehe at least they pronounce that right, i still haven't asked why they don't pronounce Tremont the same way on the stage as in the movie, it'd be interesting unless of course they don't know lol