Thursday, 19 July 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes Ginger xxxxxxxxxx

Feeling very sad that was unable to blog for Ginger's birthday on Monday, i did manage to tweet (and got a follower back! if anyone uses it follow me @fredngingermad) but i was working all day monday and haven't really had a break since :( Almost at the end of a second weeks residential working with young people which has bee exremely tiring but very rewarding :) looking forward to 2 weeks rest before i go away for another week's residential
Took Anneliese to see Top Hat on Saturday, i had to stop her from singing along! I took he round to the stagedoor earliar and she met the two leads :) I'm taking her again in August because overhere they have kids 'week' for tickets to west end shows allowing 1 child under 16 with every full paying adult and am rather chuffed as have been asked by one of the companies who work with London's Theatres to review Top Hat for them :)