Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Holidays!!!!

Firstly Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and Happy Holidays for anyone who doesn't!!!

Secondly, i'm not sure where the time has gone it doesn't seem that long since i last posted, was quite a shock to read the actual date.. Between Uni, Anneliese, Ian (not so new boyfriend) and everything else (like seeing Top Hat and turning 26) time seems to be going much quicker than i anticipated!

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season, i'm looking forward to spending christmas and new year with family including going to Switzerland on the 27th, skiing for 10 days! Anneliese included :)

One of my friends very kindly photoshopped the 'Roberta' pic to put me in instead of Ginger :D nearest i'll get to Fred ;)

Better job than i could have done!!!

Little Christmas Cheer


I've been getting christmassy watching Holiday Inn, being a fan of Fred and not of Bing i prefer that to White Christmas!!


  1. ya need to get a poster of that! :D

    Very cool!!!

    hope you and yours had a great Christmas, and a MOST prosperous (and of course, GINGERY!) New Year!

    KIG, Kat!!!


  2. Nice picture! I hope you had a very merry christmas and are headed for fun in snowland. I got into the christmas spirit watching "Bachelor Mother". It is good for new year's too!

  3. I love it --- the pic!! :) Hope you had a great Christmas and a lovely trip.