Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another shot of Ginger in the smoke gets in your eyes dress

This gem which i hadn't seen before although i've seen two other photos in the same location is on ebay for $94.95, spare change anyone ;)

Fred singing I've Got You on My Mind

This is one of the songs Cole Porter wrote for the Gay Divorce that didn't make it into the Gay Divorcee, shame really its one of my favourite songs!

Ginger singing 'Night and Day'

Until i find out how people put music on their blogs aome of the recordings are on youtube, as i can't work out how to put pictures over videos it is literally just the record being played!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

This is possibly how exhilerated i feel right now, being the proud owner of a lovely new record player! the blessed item has a usb port so i should hopefully be able to transfer lots of lovely recordings to the computer then will come the harder part, if i can't find a way of sharing them on here hopefully youtube will allow me to upload them, really nice hearing the tracks the way that they were originally heard all those years ago!! (scratchings all and ;))