Sunday, 30 October 2011

Until i find out how people put music on their blogs aome of the recordings are on youtube, as i can't work out how to put pictures over videos it is literally just the record being played!

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  1. ...hey, this works as well as any other method! One day I will sit down and hash out how to get tunes on the blog - I've got it written down somewhere... but you know how THAT goes... :-)
    I've got this recording, and while I love to hear Ginger's 'older' voice (it's so sweet sounding!), the arrangement just doesn't seem to work for me... would have liked to hear a more 'period' arrangement of it...with strings and maybe a less 'jazzy' horn... but, this sound was the 'in' thing for the time this record was recorded.

    Thanks for the tune, Kat!