Wednesday, 7 September 2011


After nerves and hesitation and yes a few excuses (i don't blog i only comment on everyone elses!) i've finally got round to creating my own blog :-)

I'm hoping to share photos, snippits of information and if i ever get round to buying a record player (i'd probably have to stop travelling first!) some fabulous original recordings

Only hope i'm not alone here for to long, i adore my photos but i've already seen them ;)


  1. WELL, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! :-)

    Glad to see this blog up and running! I am just now getting around to replying to the posts... but I dig the setup on the blog... love the Barkleys pic on the sides! Well, I ASSUME that's where it's from...

    Anyway, here's to many GingeryAwesome postings from you! Looking forward to it!

    KIG, Kat!!!!

  2. well i promised i'd get there eventually! And yep your right about the timing of the photo at the side, bittersweet to the max!!

    KIG Huey!!