Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My poor neglected Blog

I feel really bad for neglecting my poor blog, the only "excuses" I can offer are the long summer holidays where I never seemed to be at home, Top Hat (on stage) starting a new tour, to anyone in the UK who hasn't seen it I urge you to go! The two new leads Alan Burkitt and Charlotte Gooch are the best pair I have seen as Jerry and Dale on stage, not to mention Alan is the nearest I reckon that has been seen to Fred Astaire, he really is amazing!! I've now seen the show an awesome 31 times including a flying visit to Edinburgh at the weekend specially to see it. Anyone who knows me will know Top Hat is my favourite of Fred and Ginger's musicals so to love the stage show almost as much as i love the movie is something really special! As in go see ;) If anyone is in the UK and fancies a group outing please post here :-)